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What is the hot topic these days? Hotter then your cup of tea?

Changing climate and its affects all over the globe.

So what is so bad about climate and why it is happening?

Rising temperatures is major concern. After all analysis the ultimate reason for this is depletion of plants and trees.

We don't need to plant more trees to save from this problem rather we can save trees to save us by following these simple steps:
1. Stop using news papers to read the daily morning news. All international and national papers are available on net. you can read the news on your mobile also. Believe me it will save thousands of trees from being cut down and in turn you will be helping yourself to sustain.
2. Whatever paper is used, do not throw it in trash. Try to sell it to recyclers where it can be recycled again for next time use.
3. Stop using furniture made out of wood. Today we have lot of metal stuff available for all our needs.
4. Stop having doors and windows made of wood. Use metal doors which are more attractive and provide more safety.
5. Stop the use of paper cups and napkins.

Its not easy to follow these steps but I have taken step towards it so why can't you.

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