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Chemistry Questions - $4.00 Chemistry Questions - $4.00

Date added: 01/13/2011
Date modified: 01/13/2011
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-Give general charateristics of the elements in each of these groups
-These gases are found in troposphere: Rn, carbon dioxide, CO, oxygen, Arand Nitrogen
-What is a Dobson unit
-Give the symbol showing atomic number

Ideal Gas Law Project - $4.00 Ideal Gas Law Project - $4.00

Date added: 06/06/2011
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Full project with calculations and graphs available.
1.    Open the following link:
2.    Scroll to the bottom until you see the picture at the right.
3.    Select a temperature. Record your temperature in the data table.
4.    Clear the mass on the balance by hitting the TARE button.
5.    Add 0.084g of nitrogen gas to the bulb and record the mass in your data table.
6.    To the left of the glass bulb is a measurement of pressure.  Record the pressure in your data table. (You must take the difference between the two pressures)
7.    Repeat by increasing the mass to 0.308g, 0.700g, 1.317g and 2.157grecording the new pressure with each mass change.
8.    Complete the calculations needed to plot your graph and find the gas constant.
9.    Use the slope of the plot to determine the gas constant in units of L atm mole-1 K-1
10.    Repeat the entire experiment at a different temperature. Do you obtain the same value for the gas constant?

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