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1.    What idea did Malthus champion that Darwin incorporated into his theory of evolution?
2.    What is the age of the oldest known terrestrial rock?
3.    The time it takes for half of a radioisotope's atom to decay is called the
4.    What was the name of the supercontinent that once contained all of Earth’s land masses?
5.    Similar body parts that reflect shared ancestry are known as
6.    What is true about homologous structures?
7.    Any change in allele frequencies in a gene pool is
8.    __ changes the DNA but has no impact upon the individual.
9.    Puppies born too large experience difficulties in birthing and tend to have respiratory and other problems. Puppies born too small often can’t compete with their siblings for their mother’s milk. Thus, puppies born not too large or too small have a survival advantage. This is an example of ___ selection.
10.    With ____ selection(s), the forms of a trait at both extremes of a range of variation are favored.
11.    __ is a random change in allele frequency over time that is brought about by chance.
12.    If a population speciates in the absence of a physical barrier it is known as

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1.    When two alleles of the same gene are different, the individual carrying those alleles is said to be
2.    What tool do geneticists use to study the genetics of families through generations?
3.    Blood types (A, B, and O) are controlled by
4.    A gene that produces multiple effects is called
5.    If a daughter expresses an X-linked recessive gene, she inherited the trait from
6.    Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) is most easily diagnosed by _______
7.    In agriculture, the use of GMOs is regulated by
8.    Which of the following sub-disciplines of biology focuses on understanding the entire genetic composition of organisms?
9.    Which of the following phrases best completes this sentence: Plasmids, as used as tools in DNA research, are
10.    The term "biotech barnyards" refers to
11.    If the nucleotide sequence, ACTGAG, represents the sticky end of a DNA molecule, to what other nucleotide sequence would it “stick”?
12.    Which of the following describes most accurately the expression "recombinant DNA"?

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SCI115008VA016-1142-001Introduction To Biology


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1.    Asexual reproduction
2.    Researchers use HeLa cells to
3.    In  what phase of the cell cycle does a typical cell spend most of its life?
4.    In what part of the cell cycle does an actively dividing cell produce the proteins necessary for mitosis?
5.    In mitosis
6.    Chromosomes are aligned at the middle of the cell during
7.    An accumulation of cells that divide uncontrollably is known as
8.    The spread of cancer cells from one site to others in the body is known as
9.    After meiosis, resulting daughter cells are likely to contain
10.    Sister chromatids are separated from each other during ____ of meiosis.


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1.    In a diploid organism cells contain
2.    Body cells of human males contain
3.    Which of the following is the correct complementary bonding of nitrogen containing bases in DNA?
4.    If a DNA molecule was a spiral staircase, what would the steps of the staircase be?
5.    From X-ray diffraction data, which of the following was determined about DNA?
6.    Somatic cell nuclear tr
7.    How many nucleotide bases compose one “genetic word”?
8.    Tr
9.    What are the non-coding segments of DNA called?
10.    __ molecules carry amino acids to ribosomes.
11.    A ribosome contains
12.    Methylation

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