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Homework Exercises
Chapter 11 - Managing Economies of Scale in a Supply Chain: Cycle Inventory

        • Exercises 1 and 2 (page 306)

1. Harley-Davidson has its engine assembly plant in Milwaukee and its motorcycle assembly plant in Pennsylvania. Engines are transported between the two plants using trucks, with each trip costing $1,000. The motorcycle plant assembles and sells 300 motorcycles each day. Each engine costs $500; Harley incurs a holding cost of 20 percent per year. How many engines should Harley load onto each truck? What is the cycle inventory of engines at Harley?


2. As part of its initiative to implement just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing at the motorcycle assembly plant in Exercise 1, Harley has reduced the number of engines loaded on each truck to 100. If each truck trip still costs $1,000, how does this decision affect annual inventory costs at Harley? What should the cost of each truck be if a load of 100 engines is to be optimal for Harley?


Chopra, Sunil; Meindl, Peter. Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation (Page 306).

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1. Economists use a ___________________ framework to explain how the prices and quantities of goods and services are determined in a free-market economic system.
2. The primary goal of the financial manager of a profit-seeking organization is to:
3. ________________ involves making decisions relating to issuing and investing in stocks and bonds.
4. Two risk assets can be combined to lower the overall risk of a portfolio. This principle is commonly referred to as
5. An area of finance that involves the sale or marketing of securities, the analysis of securities, and the management of investment risk through portfolio diversification is referred to as:
6. The issuing of new securities, mortgages, and other claims to wealth takes place in the:
7. _______ in business involves making decisions relating to the efficient use of financial resources in the production and sale of goods and services
8. Maximizing _____________________ is accomplished through effective financial planning and analysis, asset management, and the acquisition of financial capital
9. The financial environment:
10. Rational investors would consider an investment in a risky business venture only if they feel the expected return is high enough to justify the
11. Money market funds are not included in which of the following definitions of the money supply?
12. Which of the following are not included in M1?
13. _____ are very short-term loans, usually with maturities of one day to one week made between depository institutions
14. The U.S. bimetallic standard was based on:
15. _________ is a short-term debt security sold by a business firm or financial institution to another business or institution where the seller agrees to buy back the security at a specified price and date
16. _______ accounts are increasingly used to make direct deposits to and payments from checkable deposit accounts.
17. Inflation is:
18. Real output in an economy may be expressed as the ratio of ___
19. The savings-investment process
20. Money decreed to be “legal tender” for the payment of debts is money backed by:

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1. Legislation that provided for the separation of commercial banking and investment banking activities in the United States is called
2. During the colonial period in the nation’s history, banks depended on:
3. The adequacy of capital for commercial banks as measured by regulatory authorities is
4. The National Banking Act of 1864 provided for:
5. An organization that provides loans directly to consumers and businesses or aid individuals in obtaining financing for durable goods is called a (n)
6. The holding-company device to control two or more commercial banks
7. Another name for an open-end investment company is a:
8. Primary reserves
9. The likelihood that borrowers are ill and would not be able to make interest and principal payments is an example of:
10. Commercial banks obtain the bulk of their loanable funds from:
11. The percentage of deposits that must be held as reserves is called
12. ____________________________ prohibits discrimination in the granting of credit on the basis of sex, marital status, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or receipt of public assistance
13. Approximately __________ of the nation’s commercial banks are members of the Fed.
14. The principal examining activity of the Federal Reserve System is directed to:
15. The ___________________ conducts monetary policy for the twelve European countries that formed the European Monetary Union and adopted the euro as their common currency at the beginning of 1999
16. The central bank in the United Kingdom is the:
17. The purpose of Regulation Z is to:
18. The Federal Open Market Committee:
19. __________________ become the most important and effective means of monetary and credit control
20. The __________________, passed in 1968, requires the clear explanation of consumer credit costs and garnishment procedures (taking wages or property by legal means) and prohibits overly high-priced credit transactions.

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1. 1. If the Fed wishes to stimulate the economy, it may:
2. In an effort to stimulate economic activity, Congress and the president passed the $787 billion _________________________________ in February, 2009 with the funds to be used to provide tax relief, appropriations, and direct spending
3. The monetary base:
4. Price Inflation:
5. Special Drawing Rights are a form of reserve asset or paper gold created by the:
6. Bank reserves are increased when the Treasury:
7. Under required reserves of 20%, the maximum to which the money supply could be expanded by the banking system is:
8. Which one of the following transactions or operations is entirely at the initiative of the Federal Reserve?
9. The budget-making process rests with the:
10. The federal government pays for the services it provides primarily through:
11. Traveler’s letters of credit are:
12. Quotations of foreign exchange rates in the many cities of the world are identical or nearly so because of:
13. A draft that is accompanied by an order bill of lading and other documents is called a (n)
14. An instrument through which a bank retains title to goods until they are paid for is called a (n)
15. The benefits of specialization of effort among nations depend primarily upon:
16. A draft requiring immediate payment is called a (n)
17. The traveler’s letter of credit is usually used by:
18. _________________________ was created to help economic growth in developing countries.
19. The firm that enters into a futures contract with respect to foreign exchange does so: futures contract
20. Commercial letters of credit are:

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Week 1 Homework- • Chapter 1: E1, E2, and E8 • Chapter 2: P1, P3, and P8
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