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Q1. FedEx offers its customers fast and reliable package delivery. When FedEx customers weigh these benefits against the monetary cost of using FedEx along with any other costs of using the service, they are acting upon ________.

Q2. Apart from retaining good customers, most marketers want to constantly increase their "share of customer." What does this mean in marketing terms?

Q3. According to the five-step model of the marketing process, a company should ________ before designing a customer-driven marketing strategy.

Q4. Which of the following strategies would a company most likely use to increase customer satisfaction?

Q5. Greg Williams now has the buying power to purchase the desktop computer that he has wanted for the last six months. Greg's want now has become a(n) ________.

Q6. ________ is one of the best ways to increase share of customer.

Q7. A firm that uses the selling concept takes a(n) ________ approach.

Q8. Government agencies design ________ to encourage energy conservation and discourage smoking, excessive drinking, and drug use.

Q9. Which of the following follows a customer-centered "sense-and-respond" philosophy rather than a product-centered "make-and-sell" philosophy?

Q10. Which of the following refers to the total combined customer lifetime value of all of the company's current and potential customers?

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