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You can join our membership program and get your assignments done at low rates.

Normally we charge $5-6  per question. For membership holder we will charge minimum.

Online Course Help Membership -
For members we would charge just $350 per online course (10 week course) with guaranteed A grade. We will assist with online homework, tests, exams etc. 

Special Maths Monthly Membership -
Free membership, all solutions will be provided for $1.00 per question (including subparts). We want to help students. This minimal charges we are taking for administrative expenses. Any number of assignment can be sent in one month for specific subject. It will cover only Basic Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Integration and Differentiation upto 12th standard. 

Referral Bonus -
Refer our services to your friends and receive Bonus of $5. If your friends get assignment done for worth $50 then you will be payed $5. There is no limit to referrals. You have to mail the friends name who got the work done with your paypal id to transfer the amount. This bonus can be adjusted in your assignment fee as well.

Special Algebra Membership -

$3 Membership fee for a month. We will provide solutions for 10 questions for just $2.5. Check out what subject areas are covered in this Membership. 
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